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Library of Congress

iMetaFilm are working with the Library of Congress in the U.S.A on their prestigious paper movie collection which dates back to 1903. LOC are using our revolutionary MetaStitch software to successfully render high resolution scans into movies..

Havana Glasgow Film Festival

iMetaFilm digitised films from ICAIC in Cuba which were near the brink of complete deterioration. The films revealed a colourful snapshot of 1960’s Cuba, with scenes of Hollywood glamour and a young Fidel Castro. These films were then screened at the Havana Glasgow Film Festival closing gala.

The University of Edinburgh

iMetaFilm has been working closely with The University of Edinburgh’s special collections archive. A wide array of films have been uncovered, from outrageous Art School parties to early experiments in the nature of cinema itself.

Erskine Hospital & The University of Glasgow

Working in collaboration with archivists at The University of Glasgow, iMetaFilm digitised a number of films for the Erskine Hospital Centenary celebrations. These reels showed the groundbreaking care and technologies that Erskine pioneered, as well as the recreational activities that Erskine offered.