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Our high-resolution 4K+ MetaScanner is specifically constructed for archive films, and its fundamental design requirement is to be ‘kind to film’.

The MetaScanner has no sprockets, and uses a very straight and simple film path, with deep rollers and digital control of tension. The MetaScanner also has digital light exposure so the scan can be precisely and systematically controlled, adjusted and recorded.

All the precision that a forensic scan requires is done by our unique MetaStitch software, making MetaScanner system the safest, sharpest and steadiest way to scan your priceless film heritage.


The MetaViewer takes iMetaFilm’s defining philosophy of being “kind to film” one radical step further, and is ideal for customers who need to understand just what is the in the film can before they commit to a high resolution scan.

The MetaViewer allows us to take the film from “can to scan”, removing the costly and laborious film preparation, regardless of the film’s condition.

The MetaViewer creates “viewing copies” of the film in standard definition, and at multiple digital light levels. This enables the customer to make a decision on which films should progress to full digitisation, and at what light intensity they should be scanned.


The MetaCleaner is a radically different film cleaner which removes dirt and dust from a film reel, bringing its original image back to life.

The MetaCleaner mixes a non-carcinogenic solvent with air to apply a light mist onto the surface of the film before buffers remove any dirt. Consequently, not only does the MetaCleaner operate without a water supply, there is no need for a dryer either, meaning the potential ‘water-spot’ damage of conventional cleaners is removed.


iMetaFilm is the first company in the world that is able to solve one of the biggest problems facing film digitisation; the ability to retrieve optical sound from the image of a film.

Using a radically innovative approach, MetaStitch software produces super high-quality sound-track from the image of the film, completely removing the need to stress the fragile film with a sound-head. This enables you to not only access the soundtrack of films that would have previously been deemed lost, but to generate a better sound-track than can ever be rendered by conventional means.

On-site Scanning

For larger archives, iMetaFilm is able to transport all of services and to digitise on-site.

Your priceless collection need never leave the safety and security of your premises, and you will be able to see for yourself the exceptional safety of the iMetaFilm process.

Revolutionary Metadata Processes

iMetaFilm’s unique way of embedding metadata within the image of the film makes content fully accessible and searchable for an international audience.

Subtitles, Languages, Soundtracks, Advertising and Tags are stored easily, allowing films to realise their full potential audience. The frames are searchable, and the one set of frames will appear in the correct format, context and language, to a worldwide audience.


Using our Twin Check cataloguing system, we can organise and track your films throughout the MetaScanning workflow.

After digitisation iMetaFilm will provide a technical report detailing your films condition and content.